Broiler Chicks Care

A special kind of broiler chicken whose mystery only knows about four countries of the world and these four countries control the broiler chicken system of all the world. Broilers are like other common poultry. However, according to the very special selection of the very high castes who have been created and in the special sequence of heredity classes.

Selecting Broiler chicken for business

Broiler chicken selection for business is very important. If the selection of the chicken breed variety is wrong, it is not possible to get the benefits of increasing the weight of the chicken baby, regardless of the upbringing of the child. Some points in chicks selection are very important. Such as:

  • Weight of chicks
  • Genetics / Breed selection
  • The ratio of food quality and ingredients
  • Sterilization and proper environment

Chicks Weight: Generally one day aged chicken weight is 36 to 40 grams. It is found that if the chicken age of 1-day chicken is good, then the weight of the chicken is better during the sale.

Heredity: If the inheritance is not a good breed chicken then business will not be of great benefit.
It is often seen that a group of broiler chickens increases better than other groups, live in large numbers, are well-balanced, equally good and have a good amount of body weight in balanced diet. The chicken chicken that transmits chicken must be given chicken chicken chains.
Any exemption in this rule will cause the entire business will be affected. It is better if hatchery helps with the expansion and technical knowledge.

Balanced food supply: Balanced food would be very high quality. That is, the amount of meat that takes meat in body. Broiler needs to grow very quickly, with high levels of energy and energy or high-heat foods. For a child of 0-6 weeks, the balanced diet of broiler will be 22.24% per kg of food, metabolic heat 2900-3000 kilocalories. Before going to Bazar, the broiler chicken will have a balanced diet of 19-20%, metabolic heat 3000/32000 kilocalories. Before leaving the broiler market, the meal can be given at the age of 5-6 weeks.

Confirmation of sufficient protein: Among the amino acids, Lysine and Methionine are important. Because they build the chicken bone and flesh from feed. As a result, broiler business became profitable.

Balanced fibre: There will not be more than 6 percent of thick fiber in broiler chicken meal

Using Vitamins: Vitamin A, V2, D3, 12 and K are very necessary.

Supply of Minerals: Potassium, iodine, manganese sulphate and zinc carbonate should be mixed properly to the chickens feed properly.

Disease Control: Broiler poultry should be mixed with a small quantity of seedlings. The benefit will be that if there is a disease in the body of a young chicken, this disease will not cause the disease to spread in the chicken.