Pullet Care

Hobard Classic, 500, Ross, and Arbor Acres etc. Broiler is a special type of chicken for chicken meat, whose body weight is 30 to 35 days to one and a half times to two kg. At that time they would eat two or two and a half kilograms of food for one kg body weight. Their meat is very soft and delicious.

After a long research by mixing heavy weight-related mirrors, the selection of high-yielding hybrid broiler in combination with desired characteristics is made.

Children of quality broiler will have to be collected. The varieties of poultry that grow very quickly for broiler will have to be properly selected. Because all chickens do not equal weight gain. Most people in the country observe the chicken in their homesteads. Still, the chicken is being treated in the old method. However, in the modern times, there is a growing interest in the practice of chicken in the public.

Those who do not have a land of cultivators, they can perform low labor, low-income, chicken in retirement at home. Many of the noble families have already started poultry feed. In this way, if everyone is cared for at the child’s festivities, on one hand the needs of family’s food needs can be met, on the other hand additional income will be available. However, before observing the child, it is possible to observe them very well if they have some knowledge based on the science of keeping the child.

To know what to feed chicken baby

They do not control the body’s heat until the new feathers fall in the body of the child. After the baby breaks from the egg to 6-8 weeks of age, the child was assured with maximum comfort. Brooding was named after the child. The equipment that is used for heat is called brooder.

How Brooding is done

Brooding can be done in two ways. Such as

  • Natural Brooding
  • Artificial Brooding

The method of keeping the baby with the help of chicken is called natural brooding. A little attention is seen that babies go inside the mother’s stomach or under the wings and are sometimes stored. In this way, the kids collect the necessary heat in the sun’s warm side. 15-16 baby breeding can be done with a crispy chicken.

The chicken usually has the ability to heat or feel the amount of heat that is heat generated. In this case, the brooder is used instead of leftover chicken. Brewers can be used as electric lights, kerosene lamps, gas lamps, hurricanes etc.

How brooding is performed artificially

To brush the baby on the floor, the floor of the house needs to be ripe and dry. At least two weeks / 14 days prior to bringing the child to the Brooder’s house or child’s home, home and house appliances such as brooder, food utensils, water pots, baby guards etc. should be properly cleansed by bacteriological approved bactericidal germs.  In order to keep kids near the sources of food, water and heat, in the initial stage, hardboards make round chick guard and place necessary brooders, food utensils and water utensils. Many times, instead of hardboards, chicks can be made from wire nets, especially during the summer. The height of the Chick guard requires 15 inches to 18 inches. 300-400 children will be initially brooded in a chick guard from 7 feet to 8 feet. As the child grows up, more space is required. Therefore, the area within the chick guard, i.e the width of the brooder guard must be increased. By 4-5 weeks, the Brooder Guard will be able to take care of the child so that he can move around in the comfort room. As the child grows up, changing the pot of water and the cooking utensil, the long food container or fitting food pot and water pot must be provided.

Brooding in the cage is just like a child brooding on the floor. But in the initial stage, it is better to create a baby ditch on the skin after spreading the couch.

The temperature and humidity control at home during the brushing

The brooder has to be artificially heated. At that time, the temperature below 95 ° F will be 2 inches above the floor below the brooder. Various types of brooders are available in the market. However, this heat can be easily made with electricity bulbs.300-400 babies can be properly brooded with four bulbs of 100 watt. Bringing the baby from 4-5 days prior to bringing the child will ensure temperature control. It is not guaranteed to control the temperature after giving it to the baby brooder. Many children may be killed due to lack of adequate temperature control. In Brooder House, the first week usually starts with braking at 95 ° F. This temperature is reduced by 5 ° F per week.

Chicken food management

The results of the below four rays were found to be very good.

Recommended Vaccination Program for Chickens

The vaccine program should be done with the advice of Poultry Disease Expert