Cattle/Cow fostering

The yearly Demand of Milk in Bangladesh is 12.52 million Metric ton but it is produced only 2.28 million Metric tons, and the deficiency is 10.24 Million metric tons in a year. According to the demand, only 47710 small-big Dairy firms have been made in the country. Now the establishing of milk firm is a profitable business by fostering the Shankar breeds cattle. As a result, the farmers need to acquire the knowledge of the advanced management, perfect breeding, balanced diet, immunologists, first aiding and advanced technologies.

Features of the Cattle breeds

Head is light and small shape, forehead is wide, bright eyes, eagerness in fodders.

Features of Body

The front side of the body is mild, back side is weighty and well-organized, body shape is attractive, the structure is loose.

Brisket & Skin

The bone of brisket is clear; formation of bone is balanced. Skin is thin, no unnecessary fat is consolidated under the skin, the color of skin is bright, pelage will be sleek and glossy.

Udder, vein / vein of Milk

The udder is very well formed, balanced with body, teats are in same shape. The distance of the four teats will be same and parallel. The nerve of the milk is thick, clear. The vein of the udder will remain meanderingly spreading beside the abdomen.

Firm Management

Firm Management is a kind of strategies by which the(Capital) wealth, opportunities and time are harmonized.

  • Parsimony of Capital
  • Achieving results in short time.
  • High production in short time.
  • Abating waste of energy and labor
  • Gaining the standard quality and transcendence in production.
General Management

Cattle get her qualitative standard genetically.

But it is very necessary to be special careful in management whatsoever the Cattle is genetically qualitative standard.

Daily Cleanness, scientific accommodation, supplying diet foods, perfect breeding, immune system etc. are basic subjects of the fostering advanced cattle.


Accommodation at the family level or at the farm level to keep the cows in the cow housing is good for. Cows in various adverse conditions, such as wind, rain, cold and heat, and other natural accidental excessive misery, insects, thieves, to protect wild animals need proper accommodation or cowsheds. Weather plenty of room in the light of the north-south light field is required for ventilation. Under no circumstances should the state do not damp room. It is spread out on the floor as well. The stench and the flies with antibiotics to quell the occasional need to wash. Or unrestrained animals may be exposed to two types of accommodation to the room and common room.