Bull Fattening

What points have to be keep in mind during the buying cattle for the cattle fattening—

Cattle Selection

The cattle have to be bought minimum one year old (12-15 months old cattle is very good for the cattle fattening).

Body features

The body skin is thin and loose. The rib bone is flat and those types of cattle have to be bought cheaply which have been weaken for the foods.

Amount of Urea

The Pregnant cattle (Cow in Milk) will not be feed the urea mixed hey. The Selected cattle have to be fitted by the treatment before feeding them processed urea mixed hey.

The caring of Cattle

If there is any wound in the cattle’s body, the wound has to be cleaned by the Savlon/Dettol and Negovon gel also be applied, the bandage has to be used in the wound place if it is necessary. After curing the wound, the Parasite of the cattle’s body like Louse etc. have to be removed from the cattle’s body.

Features of Our Farm
  • There are extensive arrangements for environment-friendly housing, adequate lighting and air, and enough sapce for walking and taking rest.
  • There are essential medicines, raw grass and improved care system for cow.
  • Nahar Dairy Firms give more importance to food. By providing adequate and quality food, the right amount of milk is extracted.
  • To keep the cows out of various diseases, keep in mind that the cow’s food should be clean and nutritious.
  • Exclusive monitoring system for pregnant cows and intensive care in pregnancy period under experts.
Feed Management for Cattle
  • Store in a clean, dry and well ventilated place.
  • Food should be stored in wood or bamboo mold.
  • Must choose mice and insect-free space
  • First-in-first-out procedures will be followed in distribution.
  • The food bags should be kept in order of receiving date during the stock in. So that food is not wasted in moisture.
  • Feed bags should kept apart from the wall of store.
  • Don’t use hook.
  • The bag should be air tight in any case especially when partially used
  • Food should be stored with caution and should not be stored for more than 15 days.