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Poultry industry has been playing an important role in creating employments and fulfilling the nutrition’s demand of the people of agriculture based Bangladesh. Considering the demand of protein of this country, Nahar Agro Group started its journey in 1990, Chittagong in a small range of poultry & dairy industry. Despite hundreds of adversity, the managing director of the group Mr. Md. Rakibur Rahman and his employees-workers keep progress in devoted efforts and have been playing an important role in building healthy nation and wealthy economic of the country by fulfilling the protein demand of the people. Nahar Agro Group always stands for the highest quality, because NAGʼs operations involve management teams working closely to ensure optimum quality service, which always translates into tangible advantages for the customer. Our competitive edge is that we thoroughly understand customer requirements, and diligently apply that knowledge to every stage of the business cycle.

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